‘Every Day’ by Oliver Davis
‘Every Day’ is an animated music video commissioned to promote British composer, Oliver Davis's new album, ‘Air’.
It's a glimpse at one individuals relationship with nature, from childhood to elder. 
With the bird echoing our free spirit and the train, the continual passing of time.
Inspired by the driving patterns and repetitive rhythms, 'Every Day' celebrates our life-long connection to nature - the fleeting moments and joyous interactions we have with it.
by Simon Littlefield

This is the day 
This is the night 
This is the land 
This is the sea 
This is the tree 
This is the fruit 
This is the heart 
This is the root 
This is you 
This is me 
This is the way 
This is the forest 
This is the song 
This is the mountain 
The style is heavily influenced by the time constraints making the film.
Just three weeks from initial brief to delivery.
Framing is used as an efficient device for storytelling,
with a simple illustration style and paired down movements.

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