Client: Sam Knowles
Project name: 'Asking Smarter Questions'

A playful character-based animation, commissioned for the release of Asking Smarter Questions: How To Be an Agent of Insight - a new book by master storyteller Sam Knowles, published by Routledge.

Based on Sam's framework of six universal principles to make every question count, the animation is designed to spark curiosity and champion the art of asking better questions.

Asking Smarter Questions

The Challenge

Create a 30-second engaging, yet informative animation, explaining the benefits of reading 'Asking Smarter Questions'.

Luckily for us, Sam's six main principles were full of visual opportunities and we had a great jumping-off point.

From a central stage, the abstract characters 'put on a show' for the viewer - echoing the questions of the narrator. By simplifying them to just the eyes, mouth, ears and hands, the expressive characters add a lighter touch to the animation.


Formplay not only “get it” straight off the blocks. The questions they ask - and their tried-and-tested process - reassure you that you’re in the safest and most creative of hands from the get-go.

Sam Knowles

Author and Master Data Storyteller

We’ve worked with Formplay for more than five years now, and the animations they’ve created to support the books of our founder, Sam Knowles - pride of place on and - have taken them to the next level. The same is true for the work they’ve done for Insight Agents’ global clients, too.

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