Motion Hatch
Client: Motion Hatch
Project name: Client Quest

We helped Motion Hatch launch their new online course 'Client Quest', with a playful explainer-style animation to attract their core audience of freelance motion designers.

We also created a library of assets for the course, including logos, badges and animated loops to celebrate progress.

Explainer Animation

Central to the explainer video is the lonely astronaut character, but in keeping with the light-hearted tone of the project, we wanted to bring some playfulness to the character. We imagined the challenges of life in space, asking questions such as:

• How might an ill-fitting space suit impact on movement?
• How might weightlessness hinder their efforts?
• How might they react to unforseen circumstances?


A range of animation techniques were used, from frame by frame for the light, bouncy movements of the astronaut (TVPaint) to 3d modelling for the spaceships (Blender).

Illustration of an astronaut making shapes in space

Sound and voice are also key parts of our production. The commanding voice of actor Brian Stivale (voice of Venom in Marvel’s 'Avengers Academy') was perfect in balancing out the playful tone of the visuals.



We continued the space theme within the identity package, from logos, animated badges and progress bars for each level. Designed to appeal to the Motion Designer, the logo hints at the shapes found in After Effects, such as keyframe symbols and property values.


Working with Form Play was a fantastic experience. They understood the brief very well and went above and beyond with what they delivered.

We were really happy with how they understood our brand and how they expanded it to make a great animation and assets for our course, Client Quest.

Hayley Akins

Founder, Motion Hatch