Form Play Animation Studio

We're a UK-based duo creating characterful 2D animations and illustrations for brands and businesses using playful storytelling.

Play is at the heart of our practice - not only to create work that we enjoy making but because we believe a playful approach cuts through the noise and helps engage audiences in a more impactful way.

Since launching, we have created for brands including Google, Nickelodeon, MyTheresa, Comedy Central and Sephora. We love to support communities in our industry that help nurture talent (Motion Hatch, She Drew That, University of Brighton), and share our love of playful micro-stories on social @FormPlayStudio. Come and say hi.

More About Us

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Freelance / Full-time / Internship opportunities

We collaborate with freelancers from time to time. Do get in touch with links to your reel, location and software used.

Unfortunately, we don't have any full-time or internship vacancies at present.

Our Pledge.

We are constantly evaluating ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and strive to minimise any negative impact we have on the planet. We bank ethically. We're powered by renewable energy. And we partner with clients that also put people and planet first.

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